Tuesday, September 7, 2010

God's Gift: MY PURPOSE!

God's Gift: MY PURPOSE!: "Some of us find ourselves going in circles especially when we are unable to answer the question 'WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?' As children, we had dr..."


Some of us find ourselves going in circles especially when we are unable to answer the question "WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?" As children, we had dreams and aspirations but while growing, they either died or the vision became blurry. Some of us felt incapable, not that we didn't try, we just weren't succeeding in it and we do what "seems right"...we quit and try something new. I've been a victim of indecision, infact, i buried some potential dreams cos i thought, there was no way i could ever achieve that. I saw good  in what everyone else did, but didnt see anything right in what i do! What actually made it difficult for me was the fact that i was not in line with what God was saying to me...(OH NO! DONT BRING GOD INTO THIS)....

    As Born Again Christians, we are no longer in control of our lives, The Spirit of God is now what controls (or should control) our lifestyles. Without knowing What God has planned for our lives, we'll just barely be going in circles. In the sight of God, there's no dream that is bigger than the other, and there's no dream that is small or demeaning! God made me understand that " He knew my substance whilst i was being woven together in my mother's womb (Ps 139)!" So He knew my purpose already even before my limbs were formed, or my brain developed! So how did i know my purpose?

It was not until last week i discovered exactly what God had in mind for me.

Many times, God speaks to us but we dont Hear him. Even when we hear, we dont listen to what He is saying. I've always heard Him, but never listened to Him.
I said to him in prayers " God, let your purpose for my life be fulfilled" and God said to me " Ebunoluwa, do you know what i purposed for you?"
  I heard him, but i was going to just rush out of prayers....Like the sound of a train from a tunnel, i heard His voice! it caught my attention...i thot it was the sound of the microphone and i looked up to see if anyother person reacted..But No, no one did. I heard the question again " Do you knw what i purposed for you?"

I answered "NO"

Then He answered me " My purpose for you in life is to be you, Ebunoluwa (God's Gift) to everyone that comes across you. You cease to live as Ebun ( what everyone calls you and that has confused you 4rm your purpose), now i Live in you and thru you! Your purpose is be God's gift ( in all it's meaning) to everyone and  in everything, then you'll see lines fall on you in pleasant places. Since then,i sensed that everything i touched always had the Glory of God on it. There's no door that i knock on, that has not opened unto me!

What am i saying??? Our purpose is in God, and it can only be fulfilled through Him. We dont need to go in circles, live in frustration and allow fear and failure to rule us, when In all sincerity and Love, God has prepared a crown of sound mind and success for us all....DISCOVER YOU PURPOSE TODAY!